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Gardening Sensory Bin

Today for #Touchittuesday we are gardeners . Learning about different types of plants, fruits and vegetables and what they need to survive. We also are planting our own seeds to see how big our plants will grow and eventually we will try the vegetables that grow from it.

What you’ll need:

  • A bin

  • Soil

  • Seeds

  • Seed starting pots

  • Spoon

Start by adding the soil to the bottom of your bin. Add the starting pots, seeds in package, and spoon to the bin. Show your child how to plant seeds, then allow them to try to plant some on their own.

Learning activities

  • explain to your child what a plant needs to grow

  • After planting your desired seeds allow your child to play with any left over starter pots and soil.

We hope you enjoy this weeks touch it Tuesday. We can’t wait to see what you plant! See you next week for the next touch it Tuesday!

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