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Earth Terrain Sensory Bin

Earth day is around the corner and today for our #TouchItTuesday we are learning through play on some of the different terrains the earth has.

What you’ll need

  • A bin

  • A earth ball

  • A bowl

  • Water

  • Sand

  • Rocks

  • Grass or faux grass

How to set it up

Start by placing the sand, rocks, and grass in the bin. Fill a small bowl with water and place into bin. Add the world ball to bin

Learning activities

  • teach your child about earth day

  • teach your child about where they can find each terrain


  • there are 14 different terrains in the world. Add different items to your bin to display these terrains

We hope you have fun exploring the different terrains. We hope to see you next week for the next touch it Tuesday!

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