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Under The Sea Sensory Bin

This weeks #touchittuesday is an under the sea sensory Bin!

This is a fun way to introduce different sea animals to your child! Sensory bins are a great way for your child to use their senses while playing to build nerve connections in their brain, strengthen their motor skills, and encourage scientific thinking.

What you’ll need

  • A bin

  • Blue shredded paper

  • Sea animal party favor toys

  • Sea animal bath toys.

Learning activities

  • Go through each animal in your bin and teach your child what each animal is.

  • Have your child sort the animals by colors

  • Have your child sort the animals by type

This under the sea sensory bin incorporates touch and sight from the different textures and colors of the animals and shredded paper.

Their hearing sense is stimulated from the toys hitting each other as your child plays through the bin or from the animal noises they may make while exploring the bin

Want to arouse the last two senses?

Feel free to add blue jello to your bin instead of shredded paper for the water. Your child can explore the scent and taste of the jello as they play.

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