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Top 10 Sensory Bin Fillers

We have used so many different fillers at the bottom of our sensory bins, but here are a few of our favorites! Before we start our list, we want to remind you to please be mindful of your child’s age when choosing a sensory bin filler. Things such as rocks, small beads, etc. that would be appropriate for an older child may not be appropriate for a 2 year old!

Our top 10 fillers:

  1. Rice

  2. Shredded paper

  3. Easter grass

  4. Water beads

  5. Aquarium pebbles

  6. Flour

  7. Water

  8. Sand

  9. Shaving cream

  10. Foam balls

These are just a few of the easy, non expensive sensorybin fillers! Come back next week to see what bin we come up with!

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