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Red Hot Sensory Bin

Today’s sensory bin is a red hot box ! We had so much fun last week with our all blue bin that we created a red only bin. We used all of our past sensory bin items that are red and combined them into one bin ! This is a great way for your child to recognize the color red. and the different shades that make up the color red. Improve your child’s motor skills by adding a child size tweezer to the bin to pick up items.

What you’ll need:

  • Red water beads

  • Red items

  • A red bowl

  • Children’s tweezers


  • Sort the items into categories. Have your child pick up a certain category of items and put them into the bowl. (numbers, letters, shapes, fruits, etc)

  • Count how many of each category is in the box. (How many letters do you see?)

This is a quick sensory bin that’s sure to give your child rona of learning and fun! Come back next week to see which color we do next?

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