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Mega Magnet Sensory Bin

This weeks #touchittuesday sensory bin is a mega magnet bin . We are learning about items that stick to magnets and our letters. This is a super simple bin that can be put together in minutes. All you need is magnetic letters, rice, and a large magnet.

This sensory bin will give your child plenty of letter fun! They will become familiar with their letters while learning that not every item you have sticks to a magnet, such as the rice in the bin.

  • Introduce the letters to your child by teaching them each letter.

  • Sound out each letter with your child

  • For children that already know their letters and letter sounds, begin teaching them sight words by pulling out letters and laying them on the counter to make words

  • If your child knows how to spell their name have them use the magnet to pull out the letters in their name

Sensory Bin Alternatives:

  • Fill your bin with various items that stick to the magnet. (Example pipe cleaners, magnetic counters, etc.)

  • Add more items to the bin that don’t stick to the magnet to teach your child that everything doesn’t stick to magnets. (Example Pom poms , foam shapes, toy animals, etc.)

Come back next week for more sensory play fun!

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