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Jack O Lantern Sensory Bin

We are sooo excited for spooky season to kick off ! We are ready for a month of Halloween themed sensory bins ! First on our list is a jack o lantern sensory bin !

What you’ll need

  • Green shredded paper

  • Foam pumpkin

  • Pumpkin decorating kits

Start by adding the green shredded paper to the bottom of your bin. Add a foam pumpkin and the pumpkin decorating kit. Allow your child to explore the bin and get creative with how they decorate the foam pumpkin.


  • Add more than one pumpkin to the pine to allow your child to decorate multiple pumpkins.

  • If you are unable to find pumpkin decorating kits find pumpkin decorating stickers and allow your child to stick them on to the pumpkin!

We hope you have tons of fun decorating your jack o lanterns. Come back next week to see what the next Halloween themed bin will be.

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