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Grocery Shopping Sensory Bin

This weeks #TouchItTuesday is a Grocery Shopping sensory bin ! Teaching your child to count money while playing is a great learning opportunity.

What you’ll need:

  • A bin

  • Play Money

  • Play Food

Start by adding your play money to the bottom of your bin. Add a basket with food. Leave the money sorting container outside of the bin to allow your child to put it back into the container if they choose to.

Learning activities

  • Teach your child what each bill and coin is and how much it’s worth.

  • Ask your child to sort the money by $1’s, $5’s, etc.

  • Ask your child to sort the play food by color

  • Ask your child to sort the play food in their bin into categories. Example fruits, vegetables, etc.

We hope your child has a ton of fun with this sensory play bin. Come back next week for a new bin idea.

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