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Gone Fishing Sensory Bin

This weeks #touchittuesday is a Gone Fishin Sensory bin. Sensory bins do not have to be difficult to make! Simple set ups are just as beneficial as other sensory bins by providing learning opportunities and fun! This week we’re going fishing in our sensory bin! All we used is a bin and a fishing set! This sensory bin helps develop your child’s fine motor skills and hand eye coordination m.

Sensory Bin activities

  • Ask your child to fish out a certain color fish.

  • Tell your child that fish starts with the letter F and teach them what sound F makes.

  • Add different types of fish to the bin and teach your child that there are different kinds of fish.

  • Discuss the habitat of fish with your child and how they have to live in water to survive.

We hope you have fun fishing and we’ll see you next week!

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