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Fourth of July Celebration Sensory Bin

We are gearing up for Independence Day! This weeks #touchittuesday sensory bin is a 4th of July celebration! We used red, white, and blue items to create a patriotic masterpiece!

What you’ll need:

  • A bin

  • Foam stars

  • Beads

  • Small bowls

  • Ribbon

  • Foam flags

  • Large stars

  • Kid tweezers

Learning activities:

  • sort the items by color and place them in their matching bowl

  • Teach your child what Independence Day is

  • Count how many stars there are

  • Count how many beaded necklaces there are.

This sensory bin is a great way to allow your child to improve their fine motor skills by using the children tweezers to pick up items. It will also help them improve on their color recognition by playing with items that are the same color. Add food red, white and blue items such as m&ms or fruit loops to hit the taste and smell sense.

We hope you have an amazing Fourth of July weekend and come back next week for the next touch it Tuesday!

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