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Fall Letter Sensory Bin

We had so much fun last month with our weekly Halloween bins that we’ve decided to create weekly fall themed sensory bins for the month of November! We have a lot of fun bins using fall leaves! First on our list is a fall letter sensory bin. This is a great way to build on letter recognition.

What you’ll need:

  • magnet letters

  • a magnet

  • faux fall leaves

Start by adding the faux leaves to your bin. Mix in the magnetic letters and place a magnet into the bin for your child to pick up the letters.


  • have your child call out the letters as they pick them out of the bin

  • Teach your child the sounds of each letter


  • If you do not have a magnet or magnetic letters. Write each letter on to the leaves.

See you next week for the next fall #TouchItTuesday

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