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Disney Ferry Boat Sensory Bin

This weeks #touchittuesday are for the Disney lovers 🐭 ! It is a Disney ferry boat ⛴!

It’s the perfect sensory play bin for your little one to use their imagination . Hours of creating different character voices , pretending to be on Disney ferry boat , and just having fun splashing around . Sensory toys are used for calming children down. Some sensory toys are also excellent fidget toys, and can improve concentration and focus in children with ADHD and other children who need to work on sitting longer.

What you’ll need for this sensory bin

  • A bin

  • Water

  • Rubber duckies. We chose Disney themed one to bring out the Disney ferry feel.

  • A floating boat

There might not seem like much educational value to this bin, but it allows your child to develop in other ways. Some of the benefits of playing in this sensory bin is development of motor skills and independent play.

Join us next week for the next touch it Tuesday!

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