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Dippin Dots Sensory Bin

A hot day calls for ice cream!

This weeks #touchittueaday is a dippin dots sensory bin. Allow your child to play and learn with their senses while pretending to work in an ice cream parlour.

What you’ll need

  • A bin

  • Pom Poms

  • Foam Balls

  • Ice cream cups and spoons

  • An ice cream shaped tumbler cup

Have your child count and sort the different colored Pom Poms to improve their cognitive development. Watch their creativity go wild with creating new ice cream flavors and serving different characters.

Sensory Bin Alternatives:

  • Use water beads as your dippin dots

  • Use real ice cream cones for a sweet treat and sensory play item.

  • Add different colored ice cream bowls to allow your child to sort their “dippin dots” into the matching bowl.

  • Introduce money with a money set and allow your children to buy dippin dots with money.

We hope you have tons of fun with your dippin dots bin! See you next Tuesday for the next touch it Tuesday!

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