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Counting Ducks Sensory Bin

This weeks #TouchItTuesday is a counting ducks sensory bin ! Teaching your child to count while playing!! This bin also increases their number and color recognition as they play with the rubber duckies.

What you need:

  • A bin

  • Rubber ducks with numbers

  • Water

Start by adding water to your bin. Add your rubber duckies to the bin.


  • If you can not find rubber ducks with numbers on them or already have rubber ducks at home. Use a non toxic number to write numbers on to the ducks.

Learning Activites:

  • Count out each number with your child

  • Ask your child to hand you a certain number

  • Ask your child to sort the ducks by color

We hope your child has a ton of fun with this sensory play bin. Come back next week for a new bin idea.

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