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Alphabet Soup Sensory Bin

This week we have a quick and easy sensory bin idea for you! Sometimes our busy schedules don’t allow us to come up with the most creative bins, but we still want our children to learn while using their senses. This weeks #touchittuesday is sure to give your child all the sensory play benefits and be quick for you to set up!

Today we are setting up alphabet soup!

All you’ll need is a foam letter board, a bin, water and a spoon.

Allow your child to explore this sensory bin to improve on letter recognition. Ask them to scoop a letter out of the “soup” and match it to the letter on the foam puzzle board. Take letter recognition a little further if your child’s familiar with his or her letters already and ask your child to take out a letter based on what sound it makes.

If your child is familiar with letters and sounds, you could even begin to teach your child sight words. Lay the sight word down on the table, ask your child to sound it out. Once your child is familiar with the letters and sound of that sight word, ask your child to put the letters back into the “soup”, mix up the “soup”, and then find the letters that make up the word they just learned.

Alphabet soup isn’t just a great way to learn about letters. You can teach your child about colors as well. Ask your child to sort the letters by color or have them explore only one color in the soup at a time.

This sensory box is so simple, but so impactful! It allows your child to learn by play while getting familiar with letters and colors. Come back next week for the next touch it Tuesday.

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